Monday, July 4, 2011

Fat People Nightmares

Last night, I checked up with Twitter before going to sleep, which only would have been a good idea if I wanted to go to bed slightly perturbed, which I didn't.

I'll cut to the chase: on the top of the list of Trending Topics was the hashtag #fatpeoplenightmares.

Now, I'm sure you can fill in the blanks for yourself regarding what a bunch of lovely people on the Internet think fat people are afraid of, but I'll give you a small sampling. For instance:

Aren't they lovely, folks? Round of applause, please.

So what do fat people really have nightmares about?

We have nightmares about strangers passing ludicrous judgments on us due to our outward appearance.

We have nightmares about being discriminated against at school or work.

We have nightmares about being given sub-par medical care due to factors we might have little control over.

We have nightmares about the people that publicly embarrass us in order to feel better about themselves.

We have nightmares about losing loved ones to disease.

We have nightmares about losing loved ones to a loss of love, a break-up, an affair, a moving-on.

We have nightmares about not being quite good enough.

We have nightmares about not being beautiful.

We have nightmares about our fears holding us back from what we deserve.

We have nightmares about not being deserving.

We have nightmares about the horror movie we saw last week.

We have nightmares about dying.

We have nightmares about a lost pet never coming back.

We have nightmares about failing at something that means the world to us.

We have nightmares about the monsters our mothers say aren't in our closets.

We have nightmares about rejection.

Skinny people and fat people and in-between people? We have the same nightmares. The same dreams, too.


StephanieDJL said...

Quite glad I missed this actually! & I didn't realise fat people couldn't be veggies LOL lawd some people. Great post, lovely.

D. said...

Great post.

Miss Peregrin said...

Right on the money, as usual. Great post!

Anonymous said...

the people who came up with that are assholes

Carolyn said...

Here, here.

I'm not even going to talk about the Twitter comments. I'll just get too upset and I have better things to do.

Allison said...

Twitter trending topics are usually society's vomit. I'm glad we have you to set them straight; you writing is always so clear & sharp. I hope you slept better after writing this!


Rebekah said...

Good lord, the internet attracts human pond scum.

Great post.

Anonymous said...

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Murphy said...

Great post.

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