Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Last Plastic Straw

You can mess with my enjoyment of the garden. You can foul up the bottom half of humans everywhere. You can make flats that look awfully cute from afar but that are actually made of rubber and thus make me lock myself in the bathroom and cry. You can tear off a child's toe. But you cannot-- I repeat-- CANNOT mess with men's dress shoes. You cannot try to make me believe that some guy is actually looking classy, like in a suit and everything (and we all know it can be a chore to get a guy in a suit) only to discover that what he is wearing is Crocs. No. I will not allow this. Stop the madness, for the love of fashion! For the love of your toes!

The anti-Christ

Just be grateful that I couldn't get this picture any bigger.

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