Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Letters to Olga Sherer

bcbg max azria summer 2008

Dear Olga,
I wasn't aware of your recent death. My condolences to you, your friends, your family, your agency, and your agent. There is now "an icebox where my heart used to be" on your account, to quote Gym Class Heroes, who I really wish would just go away. I commend you, however, on still showing up and showing out at the BCBG Max Azria Summer 2008 show (love the dress you're wearing, might I add). Seriously, death becomes you, doll. The protruding sternum and ribs, the general malaze apparent in your expression, the limp hair. And I never knew embalming fluids are so good for the skin! You've opened up my eyes, Olga, darling. No more life-sustaining sandwiches for me, no, ma'am. And I shall get my humongous size 6 ass to the gym right away.

Vanessa xoxoxoxo

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