Saturday, January 5, 2008

You Rock My World, Sweatervest-Collared Shirt Combo* (after a shamefully long hiatus)

I swear, this outfit changed the way I walk, the way I talk. Try as I might, I'm sure I cannot explain. I mean, I searched for the perfect love all my life, an outfit like this to call mine, and then Express provided it to me for way more money than any sane person should have paid. Then again, I am clearly not sane.

See, the deal was that my boyfriend wanted to introduce me to some of his friends. Really, that should be all I need to say. If you're of like mind, your first thought would be: "HOLY GOD, WHAT DO I WEAR?!" And since, girl, I know that this is love, I had to make sure my outfit would be divinity in motion (not to mix metaphors**). Emergency shopping trip indeed.

The first thing I saw upon entering Express was the outfit of my dreams (second picture). Oh, I saw that mannequin and I could feel the magic all in the air. White collared shirt. Cropped black sweatervest. I've been lusting after this ensemble forever, because I think it's perfectly classy, wonderfully business-like, and smartly sexy. I never knew if I'd be able to look decent in my dream look, though, because, well, I have boobs. Large boobs. But "what the hell?" I thought, "I'm trying this on."

And I did. And... oh, God. I spent 79 bucks on two pieces. Hoo!

note: this isn't an Express dressing room. Or my house. I wish. Don't ask.
figured I'd say something in case you recognize the New York and Company garb.

When trying to put together a combination like this, make sure that you choose a shirt that isn't too short or too tight, since you'll look the slimmest when you add the sweater if the shirt is kind've flowy where it peeks out at the bottom. What I like about the Express shirts are that the collar is a little bigger than a lot of the ones you see. It's leisure suit worthy, that's for sure, and I think that adds a little academic flair (the collar's overlap with the vest). Make sure the vest is fitted close to the body-- after all, you're using it as a tool of sorts to show off your figure. This kickass top half is great to pair with nice jeans-- I try to go with the dark wash, since it's flattering to my womanly curves, to put it the nicest-- and heels. Dressed like this, you can go to class or go out on a date, and you look chic either way.

As for me, it seems my life is fully complete. I don't think I'll ever get enough. That's why I always have to you here, my darling dream-semble.

vest and shirt: Express
jeans: Old Navy
shoes: Kohl's

*I listened to "You Rock My World" by Michael Jackson about 15 times in order to complete this entry.
**If you caught onto the Jacko-speak, you'd realize that this allusion was from a different song: "Dangerous"

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