Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Results May Very

*You know how rap used to be about urban poetry, but now it's about bitches, hos, acting like you're the hot shit, and/or not really making much sense whatsoever? Well, Snacks and Shit is an amazing blog. Like, amazingly funny. Check it out.

*The best cover of "Samson" by Regina Spektor that I've ever heard.

*If you haven't been checking out Shoes and Your Mom to get your kicks (ha), you'd best get your butt over there right now.

xkcd.com is a fan of the classics -- click to embiggen

*I stumbled upon the online shop Shana Logic, and you probably should, too. Everything is very cute, "Indie," and often inspired by small forest creatures or sushi. There's even a few items-- darling buttons, hairclips, earrings, and necklaces-- of which 10% of the proceeds go to the ASPCA. Like she says, it's a great way to support artists and animals at the same time. Just click the "Fashion Fundraiser" tab.

*Does anyone else think R2D2 and this Greek house look a wee bit similar? Maybe give it a really quick glance and squint.

well at least i thought so...

*The Times Online UK interview with/article about Scott Schuman. He seems like such a nice guy. Plus, I love how he says he won't shoot a woman if she's wearing Uggs. Now there's a guy I can relate to!

*I always come back to Francesca Woodman. Her work is ridiculously captivating, creepy, and beautiful.

francesca woodman: untitled (1976)

*There is nothing like writing on paper. It's usually the cure for any kind of writer's block I get while at my computer. Something about a pen and a fresh page in a notebook makes me feel inspired.

*I heart Baryshnikov.

*I'm kinda glad the fall shows are over, how about you? Couture's more my thang, yo.

how i felt by the end of all this business.

*Aaaand one more loverly picture to brighten your day, my dears:

how sick are those shoes, am i right? photo by chen zhun, harper's bazaar china.

These are
some of the things I'm lovin' this week, but tell me what you think in the comments!


diane said...

That first picture made me say Wow!
I adore Scott, and I'm so glad he's with Garance. Her story about him cracking American jokes which she only 1/2 understood is very charming. xo

amanda said...

Bless you for linking to Snacks and Shit. I can't stop laughing!

I love Shana Logic, but it reminds me a bit of fondant-covered cakes. Everything looks so lovely and adorable, but in the end it's a bit too sweet/too twee.

miky said...

love ths first pic!



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