Thursday, March 26, 2009

In Which You Get to See Me Pretending to Be a Myspace Emo

I'm not going to tell you how hectic and stressful this day has been for me, but it's led me to changing this entry from what I planned it to be (the review of those shoes I promised) to a couple of questions that I have been wanting to ask you lovely people. I'll finish that other post, but in the mean time, you should totally give me some super-amazing advice. If you do, I promise to love you forever and ever and... I don't know, pay you back with kindness? Yeah, that's it.

1. What is your favorite non-Vogue fashion magazine, especially in terms of editorials? I'm tiring of the disappointment I've been experiencing with American Vogue (though sometimes I wonder if this is because it seems that everyone constantly bitches about its inadequacy), so I think I need something to supplement that subscription (I love ads, so it would be silly to part with Vogue), but I can't decide which magazine exactly. Help, for the sake of my fashion wall!

2. I recently discovered that for the first time in my entire life, I am running out of liquid eyeliner. I received a tube of I think some sort of Avon liner from my dearest friend Nicole for Christmas in about 8th grade when I revealed to her that I had never used eyeliner. When I eagerly tried it on, I think it got smeared all over my face, discouraging me from taking it out of my makeup case for the next, oh, four years. Once I tried it again? Love. True love. I mean, so much love I used it for last year's now infamous "Emo Myspace Chick" photoshoot:

such angst

new picz, comment my picz plz?&&<3>

My boyfriend says that the broken heart on my cheek was overdoing it, but apparently he wasn't on Myspace as much as I was.

Anyway, yesterday I noticed the tube is basically empty, and I'm freakin' out. So basically, what is your favorite liquid eyeliner? Since I've never tried any other kind in my entire life (so bad at being a girl), all I can manage do is stare at different little tubes with my jaw hanging down, quaking with fear. I need someone far more knowledgeable than I (aka you) to advise me. By the way, I assure you I'm too uncoordinated to not poke my eye out with a pencil, in case you were going to suggest it.

I'm not sure how posting's going to go for the next few days because I may have a pretty busy weekend ahead of me, so while I try to fit in some lovely, fascinating posts for you guys, ponder these questions and let me know what you think in the comments! Or by e-mail! What fun!


Nicole said...

i dont personally wear liquid eyeliner (or any type of eyeliner for that matter),but it does seem really fun to try?

Sorry, if im no help.

Laura A said...
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rubybastille said...

First of all, I suck at liquid eyeliner. I only use it on my upper lids because I can't figure out the lower lids. My favorite, though, is made by a company called Arbonne, which works like Avon. They made this shimmery copper eyeliner for their "teenage" line, and I'm a sucker for shimmery copper makeup. One line across my upper lid is all I use, and I like to think it works with my green eyes. Arbonne also has a liquid black liner, probably also in the "teenage" department.

Vanessa said...

@Ruby: thanks for sharing! I'll have to check that out. :)

Brittney said...

As an eyeliner afficianado all I can really do is vouch vouch vouch for the eyeliner pencils that you don't sharpen, that roll-up. I wear eyeliner almost every day and have never had problems with it sliding off my face/making a mess.

Every time I try to buy liquid eyeliner I buy stuff that doesn't work, is the wrong color, gets everywhere... etc. It totally sucks. I bought some Revlon stuff last week that totally had potential, but the mechanism to get the eyeliner on the little brush thing totally doesn't work! Sadface.

So: "smudgesticks" or "kohl pencils" would be my vote. Eh.

Vanessa said...

@Brittney: you know, it'd be worth a try. Maybe I won't poke my eye out lol. Thanks for the advice!


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