Monday, April 20, 2009

I am a Good Student Who Writes Papers in a Timely Fashion

...but actually I'm procrastinating on Youtube by repeatedly watching Gears of War 2 trailers. If you're not a geek-and-a-half like me, you've probably done more productive things with your time than play the two games in the Gears series twice each (but oh God do I want to play them over and over and over...), but there's something far more poignant and deep to the series than shooting Locusts point black in the face or using the Lancer (a motherfucking GUN WITH A CHAINSAW ON IT) to cut Sires in half. The story that developed in the second game was lovely. I never thought that I would feel such a deep attachment and concern for a bunch of burly soldiers in a post-apocalyptic hell-zone. I think the ads that Epic ran while my boyfriend (the one with the Xbox360) was still in a state of babble-and-drool-anticipation over his pre-ordered copy perfectly reflect this element of the series. Like, this game is compelling and sad and amazing. I mean, seriously, in spite of how incredibly violent it is, you can tell the guys behind it all don't want this to be just another war game. I just loved that the ads they ran for Gears of War 2 were focused on the underlying fear and tragedy of war that these men are experiencing first-hand, rather than the action and the gore. Love. Love love love.

I am telling you, I can't wait for the next game. I want to know the rest of the story. I want to know if these guys are going to make it. If you play video games at all and haven't played this, do. And if you have played it, I bet you can guess what part I basically bawled my eyes out over.

I'm not going to pretend this has anything to do with fashion, though you've got to admit Baird's got some kickass goggles and frosty-tips.

Have a lovely day, dears.

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Nicole said...

i do not play gears of war.
instead,i play Call of Duty 4(cuz COD 5 is really bad)and Final Fantasy.
with a tiny bit of ratchet & clank,
and jak & daxter.


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