Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Results May Vary

by chris heads. more here

*I have decided to keep my new Nikon digital camera. It took a little bit of getting to know the settings, but I really like it now that I'm a little more familiar with it. Thanks so much to those who gave me some advice in the last post. :)

*This is my absolute favorite new website: Know Your Meme. Holy crap, it's great.

*Speaking of memes, I totally forgot that this Tay Zonday masterpiece exists. Is it okay if I laugh really hard every time? And, nope, it's not even "Chocolate Rain."

*Did you miss cycle 12 of Top Model? So did I. Here you go. I'll be watching later, though, since I have work. Tomorrow's my day off-- guess what I'll be doing.

*Sebastien's Voodoo. I love this.

*This claymation chess is epic.

*When it comes to the tough questions in life, kids always have the best answers. For instance, what is marriage? I hope my marriage is exactly that.

*I love lace. This bangle is cute, unusual, and elegant.

*Pick up these cute, yummy cupcakes for your daddy-o. Or, you know, just for yourself. What he doesn't know won't hurt him, right?

*The resort collections are out, and even though they're mostly a bit meh, you can check 'em out here. I plan on doing a bit more extensive coverage soon, if you're interested in what I think.

*I nearly peed myself. And, yes, this is the actual music video footage, believe it or not.

*Have you ever tried Pandora Radio? My channels include "Joshua Radin Radio, "You Rock My World Radio," and "Smooth Jazz Radio." The smooth jazz radio is kind've great (and humorous) if you don't know what to play during those more-- ahem-- private moments with the significant other.

*I recently took a look at my post about dermatophagia and saw that an anonymous commenter actually read it (so did my dearest Amanda, who I thank for her support). I was floored by the idea that writing about my issue had actually touched someone who doesn't even read this blog as far as I know. Especially because of this, I'm going to be writing about it again in the coming week or so, since I have finally scheduled an appointment with an OCD specialist for Monday. I'll be writing on what the appointment entailed and any other pertinent details in hopes that it can further help people with the disorder to seek treatment if they wish. I'm both extremely excited and extremely nervous. The Boy is taking me, so that makes me feel a little better.

*People Reading. The blog's author photographs people reading in public and also asks them questions about their literary tastes, aspirations, etc. Appropriately, I found the blog itself to be quite interesting, and I had a lot of fun browsing it.

yves, my love.

*Just for today, try not to complain; find the beauty, the worth in even the most unfortunate circumstance.


amanda said...

Good luck with your appointment! I cried a LOT when I was in therapy, so maybe skip the mascara, just in case. ;) Seriously, though, this is a good thing and I wish you all the best with your treatment.

"People Reading" is definitely going to be a favourite blog of mine. I can already tell.

Vanessa said...

Amanda: Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

By the way, I got home from work tonight and found a note in the door that said there's a package waiting for me in the main office. I'm guessing it's from SOMEONE we know ;) Can't wait to pick it up!

rubybastille said...

That meme site looks amazing. Hurray, another place to waste time!

Pandora is AMAZING. I have a metal station and a more chill station that includes Dispatch, Carbon Leaf, Tori Amos, etc.

jules said...

Whoa what a full post! I adore elijah wood so so much, also that ice cream truck photo is amazing. These links are so cool.


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