Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quick! Tell Me All You Know!

As I've mentioned several million times on this blog, I am in serious need of a new camera. And I got one: a Nikon Coolpix S220. It's freakin' purple. It has a rechargeable battery. Those two things I am very, very in like with. However, I'm already experiencing a bit of buyer's remorse. I expected, since my old camera (the camera with which any picture you see of me here was taken with) was 4.1 megapixels and this one has 10, I would be instantly astounded with the high quality of the images. However, I am not. I am actually a bit sad, because they aren't as sharp and lovely as I expected them to be. I think this is what I get for buying a camera that I didn't play with extensively before my decision to buy it (I did, however, ask a lot of questions about warranties-- Best Buy OWNS Target and Walmart, FYI).

Anyhoodle, if any of you out there are listening, will you please tell me a) what you think of the Nikon Coolpix S220 if you have it/have used it, and b) what your favorite digital camera (that is less than 150 bucks, preferably-- this is my mom's belated birthday gift to me, and we are by no means rollin' in it) and why. I'm mostly looking for something with a high quality image that doesn't have too much lag (a major problem with my old one).

So please, lovely readers of the internetz, come to my rescue as I contemplate whether I should go return my new technology. I will looooove you forever.

EDIT: I am warming up to the new freakin' purple camera, but any suggestions would still be majorly appreciated in case I still decide against my new toy in the end. As I play with the settings, things are looking up.


Brittney said...

1. Nikons are awesome.
2. You'll notice the difference overall in quality eventually, as you look at how your photographs look as a trend versus your old ones. Trust me on this.
3. Megapixels = mostly a tool for resizing photos, essentially a way to get SUPER HIGH QUALITY big prints. A 4 megapixel photo is going to be grainy when enlarged, a 10 megapixel will eliminate that.
4. I'm crazy about the Canon Powershots, but I think you'll be cool with the Nikon. They're super nice, and if you got a good warranty, keep with it! <3 YAY picturesssss!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Sorry, not really a camera person and therefore don't really have any knowledge - so why on earth am i commenting? I'm not being helpful!!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, I didn't even know you could get 10-mp point-and-shoots. My DSLR is 12! Anyway, Coolpix is a good camera - I had Nikons for years (I tend to break cameras after two or three years) and they always worked pretty well.

Sydnie said...

I love the first picture! So artistic, yet fantastic!



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