Monday, March 15, 2010

How to Be Beautiful


*Don't suck in.
*Wear whatever you want.
*Smile at strangers.
*Tell the truth.
*Know when to be quiet.
*Know when to be loud.
*Learn the value of a good education.
*Stop passing judgment.
*Care less about trends.
*Love being single.
*Love being a "we."
*Let your hair turn grey.
*Be as sexy as you want to be.
*Believe in something.
*Be silly.
*Speak with conviction.
*Don't hold grudges.
*Cry when you need to.
*Eat too much ice cream.
*Live the life you want, without apologies.


jules said...

All so true.

Sydnie said...

So true! This is my inspiration for the week ... thanks!

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Jem said...

This list is so inspirational... i actually just started working on a post for my blog today about beauty. I've been thinking alot about what beauty means to other people and cultures but I think you highlighted what is beautful to you! I have to agree with every single one on your list too... :)

Jessica said...

Absolutely love this!


Caitlyn said...

I love it :)


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