Monday, November 29, 2010

Housekeeping: Your Advice Needed!

 can't go wrong with a cute puppy. private heart

 Oh, hello, everyone! This isn't a real post-- just warning you right off the bat. This is a post to announce that I have just begun to realize how busy I will be between now and the 17th of December when my finals end. I have exams to prepare for, papers to write, very important final projects to concoct, and I just don't think I can promise that in the next 2-and-a-half weeks I'll have time between doing that and maybe eating and sleeping to post original content that's good and thoughtful on anything resembling a regular basis. Boo.

HOWEVER, I do want there to be a post up here 5 days a week or close to it. I'll continue posting Love 365 on Fridays (pretty please keep sending those submissions-- there's only a month left!), but in lieu of normal posts I want... something to go up. I can't have you forgetting me! So here's where I need your input.

Would you want me to do a Best Of? I could re-post some of my favorites from the past. You could also e-mail me or comment to recommend what would get included. If I were to do this, I might like to eventually turn it into a little sidebar for newcomers. So that could be fun.

Would you want a funny/interesting/inspiring video-of-the-day type thing? I've got more Youtube favorites than you can shake a stick at, and I'm known to be pretty hip to what's cool on the Interwebz.

I'm having trouble thinking up anything else-- suggestions? I'm open to anything, so do tell!

If anyone would want to write a guest post, pretty please e-mail me about it! I'd welcome any help I can get, believe me.

So if you would, talk with me about this in the comments or shoot me an e-mail. I'd like to be able to do something that you'd all find enriching, so anything you have to say on the matter is awesome.

As always, I find this to be the most lovely, amazing community of readers. You're so thoughtful and wonderful and I truly appreciate each and every one of you. It's corny, but I don't think you guys could ever understand how much you reading this blog means to me.

Lots and lots of love,


Weesha said...

heh. I yelled PUPPy in my office just now and got the weirdest looks. So friggin cute!! I love your choice in youtube vids so I wouldn't mind some of those!

Anonymous said...

I do love the results may vary posts :) It would be cool to see which posts you love.

And maybe a vent session? You could post an update when you need a break from all your goings on, say what's going well & what sucks, and we could comment likewise.

Either way, I always <3 the Love 365 posts. And good luck in the swirling madness :)


Vanessa said...

Weesha: okie dokie!

Jessica: Sounds good-- I'll post some favorites of that nature, and I can take a break to vent to y'all once in awhile. I like the idea of having everyone come together and voice their frustrations (I know I'm not the only one busy this time of year!)

Thanks so much!

D. said...

I totally dig the idea of vents since I'm venting on my family these days and it ain't good!

Laells said...

Other than your fabulous writing I think my favourite post that you do is Results May Vary.

I love cute videos of animals. That's the only reason I watch America's Funniest Home Videos. lol

Anonymous said...

What a nice post. I really love reading these types or articles. I can?t wait to see what others have to say.


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