Saturday, November 6, 2010

Love 365: Day 297 - 303 (Belated)

I love that I've surrounded myself with talented people.

I love my excellent spelling skills.

I love that I haven't been drinking quite as much coffee lately.

I love my cheekbones.

I love that I spend way too much time on my computer.

I love my extreme fast-typing skills. And that I don't type the "proper" way they teach you in school. (this was inspired by Laura, as you'll see below).

I love I am able to maintain my composure in the face of incompetence. (This has been a stressful few weeks at my school magazine. Gah).



I love that I've already submitted three of my law school applications.



A lovely reader named Sara submitted this week but my gmail swallowed her entry somehow! I feel terrible about it! If you're reading this, Sara, resend me your e-mail and I'll be delighted to include you this week! (Or next week-- whenever I hear from you again).


I love that I type so fast.  My typing speed is around 70-80 wpm and it makes me feel like a freaking superhero.

I love (and hate, but mostly love) my instinct to go to the mattresses for my friends.  When one of my friends is hurt or upset, my first reaction is to comfort, but my second (and usually stronger) reaction is to find the bastard who did it and rub his face in dog poop.  Once I get talked out of committing a violent act, my energy shifts to finding any and all solutions to the problem, which may still lead to some bastard getting a faceful of poo.  My other friends are momma hens; I'm the momma rottweiler.

--Laura, Ruby Bastille, Average Fantastic (this is a brand new blog that you should totally check out!)


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Anonymous said...

I love that I'm a lover of you, and your blog.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, thanks for linking to Average Fantastic! :)

Kitcat said...

LOL how cute, very imaginative. Like your notebook paper design. well done


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